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compromise simply on the

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between the EU and the United Kingdom said that if the situation has two people together is not the same, do not continue with this, love is easy, but to stay together is very difficult.Juncker said he was ready to negotiate EU treaty changes and the United Kingdom, but he will clearly draw the red line, will not make any behavior groveling.Britain plans to limit national EU citizens free immigration British policy, Juncker also expressed opposition, he said it was not discussion, dialogue or compromise simply on the 19th stock market crash, the Shanghai index fell 7.7 percent, marking the biggest decline in seven and a half years, Market devastated. About the stock market crash caused the instigator - move PUNISHMENT 12 brokerage margin bu nike zoom hyperenforcer salesiness, the market has a different interpretation. Net today published an observer of professional stock investor Huang Zubin (blog, microblogging) review article that this is the right remedy for the stock market. However, global macro investment Peng Xiong seems there are a lot of regulators practice room for improvement. Different perspectives collide, will help us on the stock market Black Swan have a more comprehensive understanding.January 19 stock market crash caused a lot of people are talking about, I think communication method from regulators and market supervision International Comparison talk about their views, one of the words for reference purposes only. Because it is a review article, a lot of data and reference I skipped.Should reduce regulatory riskGlobal regulators are emphasizing transparency and 




reduce regulatory risk. The stock market is expected to decide. Each participant has their own expectations, the expected effect of all asset prices, the formation of the normal price fluctuations.I took some time expected to affect asset prices led called "mainstream prejudices." This is the argument of Mr. Soros invention, the reason is prejudice, because we know everyone is one-sided. Mainstream prejudices are stable within a certain time, which is the Livermore speak of "the line of least resistance for the market." Many factors affect asset prices, and the most fear is the uncertainty that is unknown unknowns, the impact of the market. So, the world's regulators are to minimize regulatory uncertainty, reduce market volatility.Large fluctuations in China's stock market is caused by the change in policy. I was in an empirical study a decade ago found that 85 percent of China's stock market volatility is caused by regulatory or policy impact. I did not have a breakdown regulatory trigger (such as T 1) and changes in economic policy (eg interest rates) proportion triggered.Ten years later, the basic causes of fluctuations in China's stock market has not changed. Various policies are the root cause of frequent ups and downs of the market. Fluctuations caused by  nike lunar hyperdunk 2013 cheap economic policy is entirely reasonable, such as the Swiss franc on Thursday canceled SNB price limits for the euro, which is part of the investment risk, investors must learn to bear. But regulators triggered huge market volatility in the stock markets of other countries, but it is rare, this




 section is entirely possible to learn and improved. I am going to discuss only regulation-induced price fluctuations.The market is far from fragile to the point of unshakableRegulators should learn to understand and respect the market sentiment. Two financial brokerage business process views of the Commission regular meeting on Friday announced that, in fact, you can feel the intentions of the regulators, they used the most gentle way to express concerns about the financing business.Then, on Monday the fact that the main index almost daily limit, indicating improper way of this communication. Where is the problem  I think this is the wrong decision at the wrong time to make, without full recognition and respect for the market.A round up of the mainstream stocks prejudice caused by the economic downturn is easing is expected (this is the 2008 Global stocks rose after the mainstream), Xi Li reform is expected nike lunar blazer for sale to (improve economic efficiency) and international capital allocation expected (Hong Kong and Shanghai through the Beginning). This round of market prices, driven by different economic cycles and rising, it is particularly fragile. The mainstream prejudices just formed, far less to the point of unshakable.January volatility in global markets also affected investor sentiment. This time should not introduce significant regulatory changes affecting market sentiment, or should trivialize, and fade from essentially correct propaganda. This is a matter of timing. Another problem is the regulation of content, this is leverage.In fact, the lever

so the moment "conspiracy t

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production is very limited, more important reason is that, this time, the economic logic of international politics than logic .Undoubtedly, the ups and downs of oil prices must first comply with the law of supply and demand changes in the market "invisible hand" is regulated by. This year, under the impetus of the US shale oil and gas revolution, the emergence of unexpected oil supply growth, along with the global economic downturn, demand for oil malaise. In fact, one of the direct fuse oil prices plunged this round, that is, the IEA lowered its global oil demand growth forecast in a report released in October.In the beginning, when oil prices plunged, because the most important countries at odds with the West Russia, Venezuela and Iran were hit, so the moment "conspiracy theory" argument is also popular. But it should be said, a sudden collapse in oil prices is to make everyone off guard, can not be the result of manipulation. Moreover, the US is not a beneficiary of pure oil prices, onike kobe 9 shoes  il prices plummeted because of a severe blow to the US shale oil and gas company's share price, or even more important is that this field will lead to the weakening of long-term investment for America's new energy industry is detrimental . "Conspiracy theory" to exaggerate the role of oil prices in international relations, but also the government exaggerated the ability to control the oil price is basically nonsense.In fact, changes in oil prices is not so much the United States and Russia of the game, as it is in the Middle East andGame two important oil-producing regi



on of North America. Usually in oil prices during the Middle East oil producers will cut production in order to compensate for the loss of revenue, but this time, the state Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, seem willing to endure a period of low oil prices, the purpose is to maintain the current market share and low prices to force American shale oil industry to reduce investment, thereby combat this potential competitors.At the end of November, OPEC (OPEC) meeting decided to maintain the 30 million barrels per day quota limit, not cut, which directly caused the oil price decline accelerated in December of another round. And it is estimated that the majority of US shale oil companies breakeven line between $ 60 -90 dollars, and as an emerging industry, US companies are highly dependent on oil shale new capital and technology investment and debt financing, oil prices will undermine its earnings outlook, thereby affecting its long-term investment. But also because of this logic, the oil price stabilization mechanisms may change with spontaneous, could not have been dropped, but the rebound after touching a certain bottom line.Losers and winnersWhile nike zoom hyperenforcer cheap  economists whether oil prices are favorable judgment also inconsistent, but overall, the consumer in the world economy and global oil prices are winners. Lower oil prices mean that the importing country, a transfer of wealth from consumers to the oil-producing countries, consumers can reduce energy costs, reduce expenses and after, consumers can be used in other areas of consumption, which increase the total demand and deal with the economic downturn is beneficial. On the other hand, oil prices can also enhance business and consumer confidence, increase investment and consumption desire to help countries 



cope with the financial crisis, weak investment, the problem of insufficient demand.In this sense, the United States, China, India, Indonesia and other oil importer should be able to benefit from the drop in oil prices. Low oil prices means more than it takes to reduce oil imports, at the same time, it also reduces the price mechanism reform to promote energy resistance, widening the space for reform. For example, India recently cut fuel subsidies, thus saving expenditure, enhancing economic efficiency, but also take advantage of the opportunity China twice raised the refined oil consumption tax, an attempt to regulate the behavior of people in the car, thus contributing to environmental protection goals implementation. If low oil prices long-term sustainability, national energy pricing mechanism reform will usher in opportunity.But some people are happy, some people worry, oil prices make oil-producing countries would feel a headache, especially in Russia, Venezuela and other countries heavily dependent on oil revenues finance, now under nike lunar hyperdunk 2013 online  tremendous pressure.Since the beginning of this century, the basis of the long-ruling Putin in Russia is high oil prices. Despite Putin's long reign will inevitably cause some discontent in Russia, but the Russian people's living standards rising,Putin's support rate has remained high, who oppose Putin has always been politically marginalized. With the country's high approval ratings, Putin also afraid to question the Crimea and the West confrontation, but he believes the supply of high energy prices and power statu

Commission announced on 45 securities

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 the pressure of big business to get through the important reasons for compromise. This means that health care, insurance, infrastructure and entertainment will be more financial support, but also indicates that the United States will be more emphasis on domestic capital development, new technology industries and the virtual economy is facing greater opportunities.Let the military commander-turned-president Dwight Eisenhower are exceptionally wary of the "military industrial complex" (Military industrial complex; War industry complex, also known as military triangle is determined by the military, military industrial enterprises and some members of Congress composed of a large interest group), is a war Pull on Friday after the close of the economic model, the Commission announced on 45 securities companies financing business class site inspection, the decision on the existence of violations of CITIC, Haitong, Guotai Junan three brokerage margin account taken to address the three-month pause adopt regulatory measures warning Minsheng Securities and Guangzhou Securities, Qilu Securities and other five companie nike lebron soldier 8 onlines.Affected by this, this week, the Shanghai index opened sharply lower, fell further after a slight rebound, the day the Shanghai Composite Index fell 260.14 points, down 7.70 percent up. This is not only the largest single-day drop in the current round of multi-year market, the Shanghai index is the fourth-largest single-day drop since 2000. (The biggest is February 27, 2007, down 8.83 percent due to the yen rate hike triggered a global slump. The



 second largest decline was June 4, 2007, down 8.26%, 5.30 stamp duty rate increase because the number of lead Japan plunged nearly 900 points. The third-largest decline was June 10, 2008, down 7.73 percent, after the big bear market rally because of the failure to open a new round of fall).When China as an emerging market equities, the policy has led regulators to launch stock market decline, some investors tend to vent their anger on the regulatory agencies. In May 30, 2007 announced an increase in the early morning of the stamp duty rate, for example, there are still a lot of people criticized it, "Banyejijiao." I last Friday's close Mancang, so many losses on Monday, but did not panic, a better understanding of the Commission's regulatory action.The wicked do indeed reduce the risk necessary to moveObjectively speaking, the regulatory authorities willing condemned the "evil", in fact, reduce  nike kobe 9 cheapmarket risk, reducing investors (particularly retail) necessary to move the loss. Chinese regulatory authorities on the market, the stock market and other markets, where necessary, to make a difference, take initiative to reduce market risk, avoid regulatory hard landing road, compared to the US-led Western countries do not take the initiative to resolve the basic risk, but the financial crisisWas forced to spend a big price to save big to fail financial business practices, should be much more clever.As the Japanese government in 1990 before both the stock and property bubble to burst two hard landing initiative bubble, the Japanese economy there may avoid falling 




into two "lost decade" and enter the third "lost decade"  The United States in the past 100 years has never been a national real estate bubble, as US regulators could when the real estate bubble in the country for the first time appeared on the shot mitigate risks, the ability to avoid the subprime mortgage crisis triggered a global financial crisis In May 30, 2007 the Ministry of Finance will raise the stamp duty on stock transactions from 0.1% to 0.3%, for example, when the policies of the background is the year in April and May, poor performance or even a loss of small-cap stocks trash each other to heaven, continued to rally accumulated a greater risk.In fact, even after the Shanghai index plunged Qi Wen, from the bottom to adjust the highest point of the year in October rose nearly  nike zoom hyperenforcer shoes 2,700 points in the process, but also play a key role blue chips. Garbage is hype early small-cap stocks plummeted 5.30 after most devastated. If it is not the duty rate increases to prevent the garbage bubble expansion, small-cap stocks in 2007 garbage will go up even more outrageous, speculative retail these stocks bear market in 2008 will lose more.Look at 1996, the year ended December 12, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 124%, Shenzhen Component Index soared 346 percent. From October, the stock market regulatory authorities bursts cool 12 "gold" ("Notice on Several Issues Concerning the behavior of listed companies", "stock exchange management approach", "Notice on shares issued in advance resolutely stop the behavior "and so on), all failed to stop the live market rally. Many retail investors to make money under the effect of encouraging and even threatened to "not afraid of sets," "sets are not afraid," "fear not set." Until December 16, 

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